Aluswede´s Cooperation with China started 1984


Henry Tervahauta signed the first contract under the conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. 1986-11-26

Translation from Chinese

Beijing’s First Foreign Economic and Technological Cooperation Fair Opening Ceremony

We value equality and mutual benefits. We welcome people from all over the world through our “reform and open-up policy”. Yesterday at 9am, over 500 domestic and international entrepreneurs gathered at the Great Hall of the People to attend the first economic and technological cooperation fair of Beijing.


The meeting’s topics involve industrial, agriculture, social service, scientific demand, international commerce, etc. over 200 projects. The mayor said:” to develop Beijing’s economic construction, we have to work harder. At the mean time, expand the foreign economic and technological cooperation, attract foreign funds, advanced technology and equipment, import more talents and managerial experiences, leverage foreign countries’ strength to help Beijing’s development.


So far from 1979, Beijing has been implementing the “open-up” strategy. The start looks very well. Now, Beijing already established commercial and trade relationships with over 130 countries. Last year, the overall exports values up to 640 million dollars, twice the number of 1978’s. This year, we expect the number to reach 700 million dollars. In Beijing, there are over 168 enterprises that are joint ventures, or foreign funded approved by the government. The investment totals 2.04 billion dollars, ranked the top among all the big cities except Guangdong Province. In terms of technology introduction, we have signed over 130 contracts, of which the total amount of money is 1.16 billion dollars.


After the opening ceremony, entrepreneurs made extensive contacts in the meeting room of Beijing Exhibition Center. The atmosphere was quite nice in over 50 rooms. Many of them had already invested in Beijing before. This time, they were looking for new opportunities. Swedish entrepreneur, the Aluswede International manager, Mr. Henry Tervahauta met the manager of Beijing Non-Ferrous Metal Company, Mr. Mao. He was very happy to see his old friend. Mr. Henry Tervahauta was very excited to tell the journalist “we have already conducted two mega join venture projects with Beijing Non-Ferrous Metal Company last year and also this year. Our cooperation was very pleasant. This time, we decided to do some new projects and grasp the new cooperation opportunities.


There are a lot of foreign entrepreneurs here that have never been to Beijing before. They are passionately search for partnerships that are suitable for their companies. Apart from partnership intent, some of them even bought the products from domestic companies and they showed strong interest in establish long term business relationships.


At around 3pm, a journalist spotted a foreign entrepreneur was signing a contract. He is a Swedish Entrepreneur. He just signed the partnership contract with Beijing Non-Ferrous Metal Company, Beijing Aluminum Section factory. He said to the journalist delightfully: we will get the money, equipment, technology ready as soon as we go back to Sweden, in order to complete the deal. “


According to initial statistics, 86 projects were in real discussion yesterday. Foreign companies are really interested in non-ferrous metal, food, medicine, construction materials, and livestock industries. Many significant officers and head people attended this meeting, including the mayor of Beijing, the chairman of China Ever Bright Bank, Ltd, the director of General Administration of Customs, etc.


Newspaper: Beijing Ribao 1986-11-27

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